Summer blues

Yesterday was the monthly staff meeting, held via Zoom since we are still working remotely. The meeting started with the dean announcing that the library will be reopening on June 1. The library is in the process of installing plexiglass barriers at points of contact and will be providing cleaning supplies, gloves, and masks to public services staff, but nothing is available yet. There may still be the option to work from home some days, but it hasn’t been discussed beyond that. The university is not requiring masks on campus but the library is requiring them for anyone entering the library. I expect there will be some pushback on that.

I knew we’d be reopening eventually but it feels too soon. All summer courses have been converted to online. I guess I should have expected the university to jump the gun when Texas pushed for reopen everything. We are all hoping foot traffic will be minimal.

Before the staff meeting, I had a dental appointment. One of my canines broke right after everything shut down so I had to wait for my dentist to reopen to deal with it. As with all businesses that are reopening, they are running shorter hours and limited capacity. As I waited in my car to be called in, I snapped a pic (above) of the entrance to my neighborhood using the face camera on my phone. The dental assistant took X-rays and the dentist conducted the exam and I left with a couple prescriptions, an appointment for a root canal and crown (June 3), and a treatment plan that includes another root canal and crown. Hooray.

Sounds like a stellar start to the summer.

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