Normalcy is square pizza

I have taken a picture like this everyday since I started picking up school lunches at the beginning of quarantine. I get up bright and early because though I’m working from home, I am expected to be accessible during normal work hours. I take a shower and then go pick up school breakfast and lunch from the elementary school down the street. The custodian handing out numbers recognizes me from my daughters elementary school days and greets me with a wave and a nod. The gentleman placing the tray and bag of milk and fruit in my passenger seat tells me he can’t let me go with just one lunch and sets down a second. I thank him, we wish each other a good day, and I go on my way. When I get home, I lay everything out and send my sister a picture. And then I put all the milk in the fridge and get to work.

Truth be told, my kid doesn’t eat most of the things they send home. My folks and I have school lunch for breakfast and I make sure the kiddo at least eats some fruit when she finally gets up. While she doesn’t care for the hamburgers or corn dogs, her face lights up when they send some of her favorites. Usually it’s a breakfast item, but last week it was chicken tenders that made her morning. I know lots of kids don’t like school food, but it’s still a comfort to them. The square pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and little cartons of milk give them a sense of normalcy.

Last school lunch of the year…well, until the summer lunch program begins next week anyway. Thank you @edinburgcisd for providing a little normalcy for the kids. Times are strange and we need every bit we can get.

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