I read a book: Captive of the Horde King (Horde Kings of Dakkar, #1), by Zoey Draven

I really enjoyed this. Big Dothraki in space vibes. Not a whole lot of spice compared to my favorite ridiculous smut (my blue barbarian babes know what I’m talking about), but enough to break the tension in the story…which is apparently the role of the Horde queen anyway. It works.

My one gripe is that there is a lot of story building that happens off the page. They talk about their cultural differences and clear up a lot of stuff…but we are not privy to those conversations. They get to know each other and fall in love but again, we don’t see most of that happening.

Still, there was enough to hook me. I am invested in this world and will likely read the rest of the series.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. Some parts were totally frustrating, but I was left feeling good about this couple and about this series.

You can find Captive of the Horde King, by Zoey Draven on Amazon as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription, or buy it for $$.

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