An ode to Ozzy

When they call your name, bettеr run and hide

So Ozzy has a new album called Patient Number 9 out.

Apparently there was some kind of hubbub over his performance at a football game not being aired in full. Ozzy’s YouTube channel posted the full video and it’s just great. The man is 73 years old and still cranking out awesome music and performing his heart out. So what if he’s moving a little slower or lip syncs some of it. He’s out there doing the thing he knows best and putting on a hell of a show for the fans.

I gotta say, the titular song is fire. It is a haunting earworm, exactly what we expect of the Prince of Darkness, and the music video is spot on as well. Pandora has been pimping this album hard. One of the new songs came on my classic rock station while I was out with my parents. They’re not really metalheads, but they’re cool with Ozzy. I remember pointing out that this was new music and Mom saying that it sounds just like his old stuff. I may have gushed a little, telling them about Ozzy’s age and Parkinson’s and how he’s still putting himself out there. Ozzy’s career has been impressive and he just keeps going.

I tried listening to this a week ago when I was newly enthralled with the newest Megadeth album and couldn’t get into it. Now that I’ve put a little space between the two and focus on this one, I find myself really loving it. This album features several guest guitarists, each song seemingly tailored to the guitarist’s strength. One of my favorite guests is Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready on Immortal. Filthy grungy riffs from an unexpected collaborator. It’s so good.

I suppose this is less of an ode and more random gushing of an aging metal chick. Anyway, don’t write off new albums by old beloved musicians. Sometimes they’re really good. Give this one a chance. And when you do, take note of the guest guitarist for each song. You’ll hear what I’m talking about.

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