Day 1 of 31 days of horror: Psycho (1960)

A boy’s best friend is his mother.
– Norman Bates

There’s just something about this movie. It is one of my favorites and I watch it at least once a year, usually in October. It’s one of five movies that I own on both DVD and Prime Video (I haven’t owned a DVD player in years).

I love everything about Psycho. The clumsy theft, the conversations going on while we’re just looking at Marion’s face, Marion’s crooked teeth. Norman’s crooked teeth. Everyone on the big screen these days is all unnaturally white veneers. Chicklet teeth. I find crooked teeth quite attractive.

I love how adorably awkward and sweet Norman is when we meet him. I love the way he and Marion bonded over dinner, and how she wasn’t afraid even when he got a little scary. And I love how he snaps into action when he realizes what Mother has done.

I love this movie.

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