Day 8 of 31 days of horror: Night of the Comet (1984)

What’ll you give me if I come back?

Once upon a time, I made a concentrated effort at watching every horror movie Netflix had to offer. And boy did it have a lot to offer. The Netflix catalog is probably way larger now than it was in the early days, but it seemed so huge at the time. And so many obscure old movies. Stuff like Night of the Comet.

Now Night of the Comet isn’t available for streaming on any of the many streaming services to which I subscribe. I was going to just buy it, but apparently that’s not a thing either. So I watched a YouTube bootleg.

I don’t remember when the first time I watched this movie was, but I do remember being interested because Robert Beltran is in it. Robert Beltran and that damned soft voice of his. And that little dimple in his chin. Most of my encounters with Robert Beltran have been on Star Trek: Voyager, but I enjoy seeing him and other Star Trek actors outside of that universe.

Anyway this is a fun movie. A comet wipes out most of humanity and we get to witness the fallout. Teenage girls prancing around in an empty mall, fighting over the last guy on earth, and finding out that there are more guys, they’re just mega creeps. There’s all sorts of fun 80s stuff. There’s also a whole underground bunker full of scientists who are up to no good. Upon rewatch, none of the plot makes any sense really, but it’s fun.

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