I read a book: Morning Glory Milking Farm, by C.M. Nascosta

I’m starting this review before I’ve even started the book because the difference between the Audible cover, which is the one I saw when I came across this book in a recommendation thread, and the one I got with the kindle download is so striking and just plain funny to me. The one on the left looks like a romantic fantasy. The one on the right looks more like the extreme/splatter stuff I like. It looks raunchy. Naturally, I am intrigued. I need to know which cover is more fitting. And having read some reviews and the description, I need to know how both are accurate, because it doesn’t seem likely.

Here we go.

The first thing that stood out to me was the skillful writing. Sometimes these very specific genres suffer from amateurish writing. That doesn’t bother me if the story is good, but it’s still nice when you don’t have to autocorrect as you read. C.M. Nascosta is great at her craft. It’s kind of amazing how a story about a young lady who takes a job giving handjobs to minotaurs for science turns into something sweet and romantic. I especially appreciate the fact that the minotaur didn’t turn into the kind of alpha personality that is less alpha and mostly just a jerk. I think I finally found that Ruby Dixon vibe I’ve been looking for. We’ll see if this one was a fluke. I’ve got the sequel waiting for me on my kindle.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star read for me. This was great. The characters were charming and their relationship progressed at a reasonable pace. Their HEA wasn’t mated for life and baby on the way, it was more realistic. New job, new apartment, new dynamic, both retain their independence. I like that.

You can get Morning Glory Milk Farm, by C.M. Nascosta on Amazon in multiple formats. I borrowed it from Kindle Unlimited. If you’re into monster romance, read it.

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