Day 9 of 31 days of horror: Who’s Watching Oliver (2018)

maniacal laughter

Kinda phoning it in tonight. Instead of referring to my list, I picked one off my Prime video watchlist. One night a while back, my brother messaged me saying he was watching this movie and it was pretty weird. That’s as much a recommendation as I need.

It should be noted that my brother didn’t say it was good. It is not. But it is weird. This is the story of a weird dude who picks up girls, takes them home, and then rapes and murders them with his mother watching on a video call. We learn that Oliver doesn’t want to do these things but is urged on by his mother. His dark backstory is briefly mentioned and we are left to assume that he has severe psychological damage that he keeps in check with two mystery pills. He meets a girl and falls in love (I guess?) and tries to go straight, but stuff happens. The girl loves him even after she figures out that he kills people. The scariest part of this movie was that fucking laugh and that’s in the trailer. Watch the trailer. It’s way better than the movie.

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