Day 13 of 31 days of horror: The Exorcist III (1990)

May the schwartz be with you.

Today’s movie is inspired by Dahmer, and the lack of availability of the movie I really wanted to watch on any of the many streaming services to which I subscribe. If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last couple weeks, you’ve seen Dahmer trending. You’ve probably seen the memes featuring the scene where he’s telling his victim to watch the movie because it’s getting to the best part. Apparently The Exorcist III was Dahmer’s favorite movie.

The Exorcist III is based on William Peter Blatty’s novel, Legion. The Exorcist is a great movie, an amazing novel, and the audiobook (narrated by Blatty) is even better. I haven’t read Legion, despite owning it in the form of a big old hardcover, nor have I seen any of the movie sequels. But I love The Exorcist.

This is a real slow burner. Slow, but paced well enough to keep my attention, feeding me little details for the first hour. And then Brad Dourif starts raving and I’m hooked. Felt like a proper sequel to The Exorcist. It was really good though, and now I feel compelled to read the book. Really good movie.

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