Day 19 of 31 days of horror: Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky: We’re friends ’til the end! Remember?
Andy: This is the end, friend!

My first encounter with Brad Dourif was his portrayal of Bajoran engineer Lon Suder in Star Trek: Voyager. His character murdered a guy because…he was bored? He sure gave Tuvok a hell of a time trying to figure out motive because one simply did not exist. A whole lot of mind meld stuff happened, and ultimately Suder was sent to his room for the rest of the ride back to the alpha quadrant. Starships don’t have long term prisons, after all.

Child’s Play is the first of 8 Chucky movies and Brad Dourif is in most of them. Pretty sure I’ve only ever seen the first one, because unless it’s Star Trek or Lord of the Rings, I don’t always watch all the sequels. I admit I’m kind of interested in watching the Child’s Play 2 because I just have to know how he comes back after the doll was destroyed. Whoops, is that a spoiler? The movie was made in 1988 so…

I like this movie. This was a fun rewatch. I should probably add it to my yearly Spooktober watch list.

Eventually, long after we’ve forgotten about Lon Suder and his house arrest, he gets his redemption arc. And then he dies a heroic death.

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