New year, new reading goals

New year, new reading goals. Because I like checking off boxes, I’ve collected various reading challenge graphics that tackle my various goals. You can check them all out on my corresponding Instagram post.

⭐️ 100 books
⭐️ More indie authors
⭐️ Catch up on my ARCs
⭐️ More reviews

Reading challenges I’d like to complete include:

⭐️ Goodreads – 100 books
⭐️ Gagents of Chaos and Gagents of Chaos Extra Credit – The Gage Greenwood author group on FB’s reading challenge that is basically a list of horror authors
⭐️ B.A.N.G. Book Club 52 Week Challenge – smut prompts
⭐️ PopSugar – I like this one because it encourages me to branch out and read things I wouldn’t normally read
⭐️ Books of Horror – This is the yearly horror themed challenge hosted by the Books of Horror FB group
⭐️ Diversify Your Reading Challenge – Monthly themes meant to make you read different genres
⭐️ Book Blanket Challenge – This is a play on the temperature blankets that are popular in crochet/knitting groups

I know it seems like a lot, but there’s a lot of crossover and I’m going to be reading a lot of this stuff anyway so why not check off some boxes. Last year I nearly completed the PopSugar challenge without any effort. Every quarter or so, I checked my log and filled in boxes with books I’d read. This year I expect to do the same, though I will curate my reading list a little more than usual to make sure I read the authors on the Gagents of Chaos challenge. This will help with my goal of reading more indie authors as well. And I’ll be using the Book Lovers Cafe’s monthly book club to complete the Diversify Your Reading challenge. That’ll save me the trouble of coming up with a theme every month and give me the satisfaction of checking off boxes. Win/win.

I don’t know if I’ll make the blanket, but…maybe? I’d have to come up with my own color scheme for sure because I don’t need or want a red and orange blanket. Maybe I should finish the blanket I have in progress first 🙃

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