Fuck you, guy.

I’ve been sitting on my feelings about this since the beginning of the month.

I posted my monthly round up on the first of the month as I always do and shared it in one of my favorite Facebook book groups (that I also happen to help moderate), Book Lovers Cafe. Despite being a moderator and a pretty active group member in general, my posts often go unnoticed. So I get a little excited when people actually comment and ask about the books I’ve read. Usually people are cool, but every once in a while someone comments on the number of books I’ve read or the subject matter. How could you possibly retain any of it when you read 20+ books a month? I pretty much started writing reviews to help me remember. I generally handle this type of comment by thanking them for openly questioning my mental capacity. Or I respond like a kindergarten teacher reminding a rude child to mind their manners.

My monthly roundup post got two positive comments about the interesting selection of books and a question about which were my favorites. I happily engaged. Then this douche left a comment that honestly pissed me off. Because I was angry, I went the kindergarten teacher route. Did you forget the golden rule? Of course he responded with some other douchey sentiment about how we actually do judge blah blah. Yeah, and I’m judging you hard, my dude.

Look, I get that most people aren’t interested in the books I like to read. My favorite genres are fringe at best. I love horror, bizarro, and monster porn. I like a lot of other stuff too, but I find these genres entertaining and interesting and I like reading and then writing about them. And if I can convince someone to read one I loved once in a while, awesome. What I don’t get is people who have to shit on the joy of others. I shared my review of Songs About My Father’s Crotch in that same group. I mentioned it in response to the person who asked about my favorites. And yet this person felt it was appropriate to speak for the group and give me some shit about my choice of reading material. One lady did stick up for me and said something about my post being different from all the many CoHo posts. Side note, I have read and enjoyed a few CoHo books but as with all things, my favorite was the weird one (Layla). Anyway, thanks lady.

I am a master of letting shit roll off my back and moving on with my life. Usually. This time I just couldn’t shake it off. I’ve been reading the same book for a week. I finished one a week ago and still haven’t posted my review. I have just not felt like exposing myself with my reviews lately. And it fucking sucks. I get amazing feedback from the authors and my friends who read my reviews, yet this one turd put me in a slump.

I’m done slumping. Fuck you, guy.

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