I read a book: Brad, Unwound: A Puppet Scorned Yarn, by Jamie Kort

Jamie Kort is back with a new puppetrotica origin story for A Puppet Scorned‘s leading sock puppet, Brad. That’s right, sock puppet erotic horror. A Puppet Scorned was great, so I was excited when Kort announced that he was working on another sock puppet story and positively thrilled when he offered me a review copy.

So let’s talk about Brad. If you remember his role in A Puppet Scorned, you’ll remember that he is a knitter. In his world, that means more than just creating beautiful things out of yarn. Knitting is erotic. Knitting is procreation. And much like the knitting I know, it as frustrating as it is rewarding. How often do you undo half a project because it wasn’t coming out how you hoped? Oftentimes you get pretty far into a project before you have that realization. In this sense, Brad is no different. He knits and knits in his attempts to perfect his project. We get a glimpse into Brad’s thought process throughout.

And then we are introduced to the human component of the story. Brad refers to them as The Hoarder and his bitch, as though they are animals. We observe them through Brad’s eyes and his perspective is intriguing. He doesn’t quite understand what he’s witnessed and thinks of it in terms that he can comprehend. Are the beasts made of wood, and is wood a type of hard yarn? Is he living inside a giant beast that’s been woven together? This event that Brad has witnessed inspires him. If the beast can rebuild his mate, surely he can knit his perfect love-knitting partner. Will the pattern revealed to him by The Holy Yarn be what he has yearned for? One thing is certain, Brad is definitely unhinged…er, unwound.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I was recently inspired by a yarn clearance sale to pick up my crochet hook and try again, so I find myself tickled by all the yarn puns and twisted knitting terminology weaved into this story. Like A Puppet Scorned, this prequel has all the elements of a great bizarro horror story. It’s well written, and Kort’s use of knitting terminology shows that either he is a knitter or he did his research. I really enjoyed this.

Big thanks to Jamie Kort for the review copy. I look forward to more sock puppet erotic horror. You can buy Brad, Unwound: A Puppet Scorned Yarn, by Jamie Kort on Godless for 50 cents. Just do it.