I read a book: Russells in Time, by Kevin Shamel

Kevin Shamel is not a new name in the bizarro scene. I recently read Porn Land, or as I have dubbed it, Phil and Zed’s Sexcellent Adventure. I loved it. It was pure fun and totally bonkers. Shamel set the bar for absurdity ridiculously high and after reading Russells in Time, I am convinced this man sets that bar at a level only he can surpass.

Let’s talk about the premise of this book. It is called Russells in Time: Land Squid vs Dinosaurs and the title is a mini synopsis. The Russells (Kurt, Keri, and Brand) are transported forward to a time when giant technologically advanced land squids rule the earth and are at war with even more technologically advanced dinosaurs. The squiddies want the Russells to fight on their behalf using some ancient combat suits that apparently can only be activated and controlled by the long extinct humans, hence the time travel. They tell the Russells one version of events and the dinosaurs tell them another. All Kurt and Keri want to do is find a way to get back home. Brand doesn’t care one way or the other, the whole thing is one big joke to him. When it becomes clear that the Russells aren’t playing by the rules, new players enter the game and all hell breaks loose.

Which side is telling the truth? Who wins this war? Do the Russells ever get home? You’ll have to read it to find out.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I love the wacky premise. The whole thing is absurd and totally hilarious. The Russell Brand character was a perfect caricature of the real Russell Brand. All of the celebrity jokes and references were on point. This book is super fun.

Big thanks to Kevin Shamel and Planet Bizarro Press for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. You can buy Russells in Time, by Kevin Shamel on Amazon for a couple bucks. Go on now. Read a book. Read this one.