Day 29 of 31 days of horror: The Munsters (2022)

I almost skipped this one because Rob Zombie movies just aren’t my favorite. But I love the Munsters, so I decided to give it a chance. In the beginning, I thought it was visually appealing and fun. A decent homage to the original Munsters. But the lack of a cohesive plot and an overly long run time highlighted the poor acting and badly set up bad jokes. The Munsters is not known for subtle acting either, but there is such a thing as over-overacting. But Rob Zombie casts his wife Sheri Moon Zombie in all of his movies, so this was to be expected. The Munsters is also known for its specific humor, which to be fair, the jokes were pretty well suited to some of the characters. But the timing and responses were off. I was missing the echoing stomp sounds and shaking rooms when Herman got excited and started jumping around. The Lily we know and love wouldn’t moon over Herman the way this Lily did. Our Herman always had a high opinion of himself, from his looks to his varied talents, but he was not cocky like this Herman. I did enjoy Grandpa, known as the Count in this movie.

It’s not the worst Rob Zombie movie, nor is it the worst reboot/prequel I’ve ever seen. It’s fun for a while. I think if I had just turned it off around halfway when I started getting bored, I would have a higher opinion of it. It’s okay, but you’re not missing anything if you skip this one.

I think I’ll watch one of the Netflix serial killer miniseries now. Son of Sam, maybe.